Montana Horseman

Saddle Building School

Knowledge builds the saddle,

Experience makes the Difference  







                                                        Replica of J. S. Collins Plains Saddle    


Dale Moore

§        Former Licensed Montana Outfitter

§        Retired Montana Educator

§        Over 40 years:

·        Building and Repairing Saddles and Tack

·       Hunting, Fishing and Guiding in the Montana Wilderness

Tuition Includes:

·        Top quality materials for your saddle

·        Horses and mules on sight for demonstration

·        Use of all saddle building tools, and sewing machines

·        Your choice of tree for your own saddle

·        Bunkhouse available (limited space, book early)


Six weeks of detailed individualized education:

·        Saddle and pack saddle construction

·        Fit and design of saddles and pack saddles

·        Horse and mule conformation

·        How to build equipment to fit correctly on horses and mules

·        History of the western saddle

·       Making patterns


   Dale will make you a cup of cowboy coffee, tell you true stories about snow deeper then your horse’s belly, and fog so thick you have to trust your horse to lead you out of the Montana mountains.  He’ll teach you more than you thought possible about horses, mules, saddles and equipment.  



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